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Dr. Renée Garrick, RhM, ACCHT


(708) 288-4012

Star Born Wellness, Inc

Office Hours on Fridays and Sundays

Dr. Renée Garrick has an extensive background in multiple holistic and transpersonal therapy modalities.  For more than 25 years, she has maintained a private practice that serves young children, adolescents, adults and seniors. Dr. Garrick has supported this diverse population using Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy(TM);Ro-Hun(TM), a transpersonal psychology and spiritual psychotherapy modality; subtle energy and soul-mind-body systems. Believing “one size does not fit all”, these varying methods are used to support clients accomplish their unique wellness goals.

As an Advanced Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dr. Garrick uses her skills to teach Hypnotherapy to aspiring therapists and mental health/holistic practitioners for the Wellness Institute and supervises these professionals in the Midwest region as they develop their Hypnotherapy skills.  She  facilitates individual Hypnotherapy sessions for clients as well as past life regression sessions as a tool for soul awareness and personal growth.

Holding a Masters degree in Ro-Hun Transpersonal Psychology(TM), Dr. Garrick skillfully supports clients in meaningful revelations of “self” by uncovering what’s held in the unconscious mind. She is an ordained minister and available to perform all sacred celebrations and rituals traditional and specific to the individual’s intent and vision.  Dr. Garrick considers it a privilege to counsel individuals, families and loved ones in the process connected to the end of life personally or a loved one’s Transition.  Those concluding or making other significant life changes (i.e. relationships, career, home location and more) have gained benefit from receiving guidance in preparation to engage in conscious and healthy shifts and closure.

Renée is a certified Aura-Soma Color Therapeutics teacher and practitioner through the Association of International Color Therapeutics.  Applying the language of color and other esoteric traditions has been a lovely enhancement to her offerings.  In support of the Body-Mind-Soul connection, knowledge and experience as a Reiki Master, other subtle energy and Light-Work techniques, certification as a Hatha Yoga Teacher and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist has proven to be a viable.  A certified Entura Artist, from Delphi University, she uses this artistic approach as a healing tool. Here, soul portraits are channeled for those wanting a view of their beautiful soul essence and as a means to depict personality aspects, via images of Beings, Angels, Guides, symbols and color; all of which offers valuable personal information.

In addition to her work with individuals, Dr. Garrick enjoys facilitating groups and her popular workshops: Trim Life(TM), Personal Transformation Intensive (PTI), In-Spired Art and many others.  

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