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Holly Harris, LCSW, ACCHT


Holly provides psychotherapy and life coaching and works with adults, teens, couples, and families experiencing a wide variety of concerns including excessive stress, anxiety and depression or significant trauma or relationship concerns.


Her life coaching clients seek clarity and support in developing and

manifesting goals in a variety of areas of their life, including work, family, health, community, and spirit.


Holly offers solution-focused supportive therapies and coaching using the best in conventional strategies such as cognitive behavioral therapy, with a variety of mind-body treatment methods such as hypnosis, mindfulness training, and EMDR. This comprehensive approach works rapidly to decrease uncomfortable symptoms and leads to longer lasting change and well-being.

Holly offers hopeful, loving and supportive direction in a safe and calming

environment to everyone she has the privilege to work with and would be happy to talk with you more about your needs.

(630) 660-7248
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