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Paulina Iannotta, Holistic Skin Expert


Paulina is a Licensed Esthetician, certified Corneotherapist, Dien Chan Zone Reflexologist and a member of IAC (International Association of Corneotherapy).


With 11 years of experience, Paulina specializes in non-invasive, holistic facial treatments.  She believes in balance and treats body as a whole, and that the skin should be nourished and nurtured with love and not abused with harsh chemicals and treatments.


Being born and raised in Poland, Paulina is influenced by European beauty techniques and treatments. With passion for science, skincare and learning, she continues her education to be able to serve her clients as best as she can, and share all things beauty and health.

Paulina offers skin health consultations and customized facial treatments to target individual skin concerns. Whether it’s acne, congestion, rosacea, eczema or aging, Paulina can help guide you to healthy and glowing skin.


Paulina also specializes in deeply relaxing and healing massages, utilizing different tools from Chinese Medicine like Gua Sha, Jade Rolling, Chinese Cupping, Reflexology, as well as Kansa Wand from Ayurvedic Medicine and lymphatic drainage massage. For a full list of services please visit her website.

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