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Justin M. Coop

Dr. Justin M. Coop is the founder of Inspired Health Center and is passionately devoted to educating his community about health and wellness. He strives to help people understand the power of their own body, and how the innate wisdom that created our bodies to function as an independent person is also able to heal and return life and vitality to our body if given the opportunity. This education thus inspires and empowers people in their decision-making regarding the health of themselves, and their families.

Dr. Coop received his doctorate from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2003.  He was clinic director of a thriving practice in Sycamore, Illinois for eleven years, but now is devoting his time and passion into building his own functional wellness practice focusing on the health of the body from a holistic approach in Naperville, Illinois.


Although his original training is in chiropractic, Dr. Coop is now incorporating functional medicine along with chiropractic care in order to greater address the underlying cause of common health problems and to help and serve his patients even more. FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE is a unique approach to health that addresses the cause of the problem rather than chasing symptoms like traditional medicine. Dr. Coop recognizes some major downfalls in the future of American health care and sees that patient health and patient needs are getting lost in the system.


Not only is Dr. Coop a gifted doctor and educator, he is also perceptive, passionate and friendly. He enjoys volunteering his time to enrich his community by providing valuable information that will enable families to live and enjoy life to the fullest.  In addition to his growing family practice, he considers himself to be extremely blessed with his loving wife Dorothy and his three young children (Natalie, Ryan, and Evan).  Outside of the practice, Dr. Coop enjoys being very active with his family. He also has a passion for cooking and enjoys preparing healthy meals and snacks for his wife and children, as well as having large gatherings with extended family and friends.