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Miravone Dorough, DC, ND


 (331) 442-9912



Insurance accepted:


 Cash rates offered for clients with other insurance networks.

I am a Naturopathic and Chiropractic doctor with a certification in Acupuncture, practicing in the Chicago suburbs since 2010 with extensive experience in pediatrics, women's health, gut health, mental health, and autoimmune conditions. I've been in private practice since 2014 and love serving the community with a functional medicine approach to their health journey.  I'm a graduate of the fully accredited postgraduate program in Chiropractic and Naturopathic Medicine at National University of Health Sciences with additional post-graduate training in pediatrics, nutrition, and functional rehabilitation as well as various myofascial techniques. I am licensed in Illinois with full board certification as a Chiropractor, and I'm also licensed in Vermont with full board certification and licensure examination requirements as a Naturopathic doctor. 

I grew up surrounded by herbs, oriental medicine, and home-cooked Laotian meals. The impact of straying from the lifestyle I was raised in became starkly apparent as I gradually increased my intake of medications and processed foods.  Within all of my life experiences, my passion for finding the root cause grew deeper as I made the necessary changes in my own life, and I can say I've fully experienced the power of Naturopathic medicine. I've also taken a special interest in being a mental health advocate and seeking true healing for myself and patients through modalities such as herbs, nutraceuticals, lifestyle changes, meditation, and personal growth work and therapy using the Enneagram. (I am currently working on my Enneagram teaching certification too.)

I wholeheartedly believe in "Doctor as teacher" and that education can empower people of all ages and walks of life to take charge of their health and live optimally! Along with helping others find their own way to experience holistic healing, I love spending time unschooling my two girls, taking care of our 20 rescue chickens and 2 dogs, and growing in deeper relationship with my husband. I love to be part of community, advocating for those marginalized and voiceless, and challenging thought processes in order to bring true change! 

I would love to be a footprint in your health journey!

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