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Kelsey Fernandez, LAc, Dipl.O.M.

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Kelsey Fernandez is a board-certified Chinese Herbalist (NCCAOM), Diplomate of Oriental Medicine and licensed Acupuncturist in the state of Illinois. She graduated with honors from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine where she earned her Master of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM). As part of her studies, she interned under some of the country’s most talented Chinese medicine healers, acquiring wisdom and knowledge to shape her unique healing skills.

Kelsey began her professional healing career in Chicago in 2002 upon co-founding Art of Natural Healing, Ltd. In 2018 she opened her sole practice, Xceed Acupuncture, Inc. with emphasis on serving those who have served, our nations veterans. As one of the few registered acupuncture clinics in the Chicago area with the Hine’s VA and Jesse Brown VA hospitals, these services were urgently needed and very much appreciated by the veterans. Unfortunately, with the advent of COVID in 2020, Xceed Acupuncture, Inc. was forced to close its doors.

Kelsey has worked directly with medical doctors, physical therapists, psychotherapists, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, nurse midwives, biological dentists, dermatologists, aestheticians, massage therapists and many other western medical professionals using collaborative, integrative treatment strategies.

Most recently, she has joined the healing professionals at the Estuary Center in Naperville, Illinois. She is excited to be surrounded by healers of such talent and is anxious to serve the Naperville area.

Raising four children using natural, holistic healing therapies, adds to Kelsey’s comprehensive care and healing perspective. In addition to her extensive scope of healing modalities, she has gained experience and can confidently treat those of all ages from infants to elderly. She offers a wide range of options for pain-free, natural healing modalities including acupressure, acupuncture, EFT (tapping technique), cupping, gua sha, Chinese herbal therapy, Tui Na (manual therapy) and dietary counseling.

My personal philosophy on healing:
Good Health is a vibration that can be attained by anyone. If the body is harmonious between the heart and mind disease cannot exist. Every living soul is endowed with the ability to heal itself. As the governor of our own body, the choices we make must be mindful of every aspect of life including thoughts, diet, exercise, lifestyle and spiritual enrichment. The body is a temple - which when given the proper environment, will respond with vitality and optimum health.  
I am the guide. you are the healer.”

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