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April Fitzharris, LCSW

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Finding a therapist can be difficult, I want to be able to help decrease that anxiety. I enjoy working with women and young adolescents who might be struggling to find balance in their life. If you are struggling to adjust to everyday anxiety, a decrease in mood, parent life, trying to conceive, pregnant, just had your third baby or suffered a loss. You might need support from a therapist who believes in the unique needs of women, because therapy should be a place where you feel seen, and understood and supported.

I have over 15 years of experience helping people make meaningful change. I enjoy working with older adolescents and women to help find balance in their lives by incorporating cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) in session.  In addition I have a certification in treating postpartum depression.  I enjoy helping women go through the parenting journey and find balance between independence and being a mom. 

Sometimes our reality does not match our expectations and learning how to cope with that can be a real challenge. If you’re someone who is struggling with a decrease in mood, anxiety, “mom guilt” or simply can’t seem to find support, please reach out. I look forward to talking with you and supporting you on your journey.  Please take a look at my website:

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