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Olena Burger, LCSW, CYT


Phone: (630) 881-1832


Insurance accepted:

BCBS, Cigna, United

Olena is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a certified yoga instructor, with 200 hours of specialized training in Yoga and Mindfulness-based interventions. 


Having worked in the community, the medical field, and in grief counseling, Olena is experienced in both medical and mental health.  Her deepest work and biggest calling has been helping clients navigate the mental health well-being of chronic illness. Olena has over 5 years of professional experience working from a multidisciplinary approach and she believes in importance of integrating different aspects of biopsychological model. Olena utilizes a collaborative and unified approach when it comes to the treatment process.


With emphasis on a holistic approach, Olena is also dedicated to helping clients with infertility, loss, chronic illness, and trauma. She understands how difficult the journey to parenthood can be for those with infertility challenges, and is passionate about helping men and women on their journey to becoming parents. Knowing how complex infertility issues are, her work with parents is dedicated to providing hope even amongst the deepest moments of confusion and grief. 


Olena is also experienced and passionate about helping individuals who are experiencing stress, anxiety, women’s health issues, depression, mood disorders, and general discontentment. She recognizes and values the impact of cultural differences on individuals, and her doors are always open to those with their own unique culture or those who feel they don’t quite fit societal expectations. She is deeply committed to creating a safe space where individuals can experience belonging and acceptance. 


Olena works with individuals and groups from children to adults, and provides psychotherapy that borrows from many different techniques, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. She believes therapy should be a personal experience, which is why she approaches each client differently. After meeting her client, Olena decides which techniques to employ for the best outcome. For those struggling the most, Olena helps find a way to work toward a common goal. 

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