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Life Coaching

Life Coaching focuses on helping a client design and manifest their future rather than focusing on helping them heal their past. A coach supports a client in discovering what they want in all areas of their life and developing the skills, strategies and goals to achieve those desires. Coaching is a highly interactive, creative and empowering process. A variety of tools, and experiential techniques are used to help a client explore, clarify and develop attainable goals. Coaching encourages self-discovery and exploration as well as accountability and responsibility for achieving goals. The coaching relationship is typically long term, lasting over a number of months or years and involves periodic face to face supportive “coaching sessions” followed by periods of client focus and activity toward manifesting goals. A person might seek coaching when their work and personal life feels out of balance, when there is lack of clarity around choices to be made, when there is a desire to accelerate results in a certain area of their life, or when something urgent, compelling or exciting is at stake.

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