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Body Centered Psychotherapy

Body-Centered Psychotherapy is a type of clinical work that operates on the premise that sensation, breath, and movement are the body's form of speech, and if we listen to the body we can become aware, appreciate, and track sensations of all kinds (Caldwell, 1996).  In body-centered therapy, as people talk about their experiences, they are guided in the process of being "mindful" of their body's experience.  As clients tune in to their body, they develop the ability to locate and tolerate sensations, identify the related underlying emotions and issues, and they are encouraged and supported in experiencing them without judgment.  They can also learn to distinguish what is nourishing from what is toxic, to create healthy boundaries, and to master the fear and tension locked in their body. Body Centered Psychotherapy helps clients learn to live more fully in their bodies with greater acceptance and appreciation.

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