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Ruth Day E-RYT 500, YACEP



Podcast: The Recovery Coach

I help people, especially those in or considering recovery, struggle less and make better life decisions. I provide clarity and remind people of their strengths and resilience when facing challenges. I focus on the present moment and how to live from there. I support those struggling in moving forward into the best version of themselves and guide them in achieving life goals to assure them that recovery is worth all the hard work. 

Recovery coaching tools will allow you to get through the day and not have to reach for whatever substance or behaviour you use in order to cope with life.

Recovery Coaching is strengths-based coaching that focuses on where you are right now and forms a solid recovery groundwork to build from there. The focus is on action in the present moment. As your coach, Ruth will remind you of your strengths, your resourcefulness, creativity, and your resilience when facing challenges.


To complement her undergraduate degree in Biology and training and experience as a registered nurse in Ontario, Ruth completed multiple Yoga Teacher Trainings at the 200Hr and 300Hr levels in Illinois.  

She completed a Trauma-Informed Yoga Certification with Y12SR and teaches at Cook County Jail and leads small groups using this training.


As a Speaker, Ruth speaks in local parent support groups for families affected by addiction and alcoholism and provides people with clear and achievable tools to deal with the stress these families experience. She is candid, humorous, authentic and a powerful storyteller. She inspires those questioning their substance use to fully embrace a path of wellness, to discover their own self-worth and to live from a place of authenticity. 

She volunteers for The P.I.E.Project, a community initiative that uses yoga, social awareness, and creative expression to deliver impact, and believes in adopting sustainable funding methods that encourage charitable purpose, create local investment opportunities and provide unique yoga experiences that change the optimal health of an entire community.

She leads 200Hr and 300Hr teacher trainings in multiple formats.

She uses metal and crystal singing bowls, Solfeggio frequency Tuning Pipes and an ocean drum for private, corporate and studio sound meditations. 

Ruth is also an avid mixed media artist, photographer, published writer, and editor. In her spare time, she can be found exploring Chicago with her daughters, hanging with her greyhound and parrot, or binge-watching BBC crime dramas. You can listen to Ruth's Podcast The Recovery Coach from Apple Podcasts or directly from .

She brings all her skills and experience into her Recovery Coaching sessions to deliver the best possible outcomes for her clients.

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