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Mary Rondonet

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Breath is life! By learning to breathe with ease and a sense of connection to the universe, you can enhance the life-giving energy of every breath.


WhaleBreathing is a way of establishing and maintaining your connection to spirit through the use of the whale totem.  In totemic philosophy, the whale spirit animal is the earth’s record keeper.  Perhaps because of the deep in-breath that powers their expansive range through the world’s oceans, whales are evocative of deep calm, of memory, and of clarity.  Being within range of whales and their expansive energy helps us to reconnect, on a cellular level, to memory within ourselves.


Having worked extensively with whales, I have developed a deep connection with their energy. Through my work with EnergyTouch®Advanced Healing I bring the high vibrational energy from the Whales and incorporate that with my foundational work with Transformational Breath®and I’ve created a process called WhaleBreathing. I integrate totemic whale energy and breath work to help clients create a space for clarity and mindfulness, and thus live in the present moment.  Together, we use breath to find power and nurture the soul. 


Over time, WhaleBreathing supports increasing awareness of one’s inner voice and increasing clarity regarding the place of emotions in everyday life.  Clients have expressed experiencing their stress and anxiety levels decrease and have found more harmony in their everyday lives.  As clarity increases, so does your ability to stand in you own strength and find your own power and be true to your authentic self.

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