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William Bennett, LMT



“Ultimately, my goal for every person Is to feel more at ease within their body

Loving the one and only Home that they have been gifted with, 

As a soul who is embodied.”


William Bennett is a massage therapist, poet and lifelong student of movement. He graduated from WMTI Wellness and Massage and Training Institute in 1997. He has studied various massage and bodywork techniques, as well as, an extensive variety of movement modalities including Gabrielle Roth 5Rhythms, Martial Arts forms - Shaolin, Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Jeet Kun Do, Tai Chi, Qi Gong - Yoga, Somatics, Functional Movement, Animal Form Movements, MovNat, Budokon and plenty of tree climbing!


Will believes that the body has an innate wisdom,

if we simply just listen and move in relationship with our body.

He employs a unique Bodywork technique that utilizes gentle holds, 

compressions, rocking, lengthening, and Shimmering of tissues,

Creating space, length and ease of motion while releasing tensions and stresses, Within the totality of Being. 

A body : A mind : A spirit.


Facilitating A teaching, A (re)education of how one can be;

Lighter, Softer, Gentler, Freer In one’s own Body.


He believes there exists a better way of Being;

More at ease, in mutual relationship together, with your Body


A space

Beyond the place

Of relaxation


To a place of Peace

And serene sensation


And it begins

Now ~


With every session.

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