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Eating Disorder Services

Our philosophy of recovery proposes that the eating disorder has been trying to alert our clients that something is wrong.  Something has moved them away from their inner strengths and resources...away from their own voice.  We want to help our clients rediscover their own voice and resolve whatever caused them to turn away from it.  Our goal is to help women and men of all shapes and sizes find their worth within themselves.

Underlying what appears to be an obsession with weight and appearance, is the reason for the obsession.  People develop eating disorders, often unwittingly, as a means of coping.  There are numerous reasons why someone may get caught in the trap of starvation, bingeing and purging or overeating.  The behaviors are often adopted in an effort to:

  • Regulate the conflict between attachment and separation from family

  • Avoid sexual pressure

  • Numb painful memories of trauma or abuse

  • Self-soothe

  • Respond to teasing

  • Feel "in control" when faced with life's transitions

  • Elicit a caring response from others

  • Regulate emotional states


Our treatment team wants to join with people in their struggle to cope.  We work closely with area dieticians to help our clients face whatever they need to so that they may release themselves from their eating disorder.

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